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The comment Abby

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I thik it is very important for life. Love is what everybody is happy when we fall with her but, both parties should refer to the Preparedness and well-being. I don’t agree with my friend is Nyla. "She is 15 year old who importantly she was pregnant Nyla and her husband's family is happy about it. I think you should plan to live together also, if you want to have sex, you should be protected because she is studying. So, I would warn her friend.I commend a family who stands behind their daughter and is providing them the support she needs. As for being poor, nobody has any idea what the family does or does not have. Yes, raising a child costs money, but that does not mean the child will not grow up in a loving home with all needs provided for. I know plenty of wealthy families who treat their kids like crap. Sometimes Abby is off base, but this time her advice is appalling..
Pregnant Teen Needs Worried Friend's Support, Not A Lecture
DEAR ABBY: I'm concerned about my friend "Nyla." She's 15 and pregnant. Nyla and her family are happy about it! As her friend, I'm not. I think she should have waited.