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Week 2 Date 19 November 2010

In class, teacher teach about Auxiliary Verb help to the state such as , can/could, will/would, may / might, must, should ,etc.
Ex: I wish I knew him.
I wish to know him.
I want to know him.
Note: Three sentences have meaning the same .likely, probably that he prefer use by foreigners mean “maybe, might”.
Then, using “Can”
Ex: Your sister can speak English well.(can มีความหมายว่า ได้ดี )
You can take my car. (can มีความหมายว่า ขออนุญาต )
Can you pass me the salt? (can มีความหมายว่า ช่วย )

Then, teacher must be the soul four consists of teachers should before will be teach student.
1. Critical mind = cognitive / thinking skills.
2. Creative mind= new innovative
3. Product mind = product task based learning / project based earning
4. Responsible mind = web based learning
Next, the story Communicative Competences is the important for students must learn that are four consists: the first Linguistics Pragmatic = discourse.
It is the important for learning English that about sentence structure:
Sentence Structure = Syntax
Sound System = phonetic, phonology
Meaning System = semantic, pragmatics, Function of language
It calls
“Used Usage”.
So, they should the dictionary for learning good English that consists: (Thai-English), (English – Thai), (English – English).Then, sociolinguistics (Language and social factors). Finally, discourse in context
Ex: Wife: Telephone
Husband: In the toilette.
1. Where is happen the context?
2. Who is talk?
3. Where is happen?
4. What is purpose? (need to give wife receipt telephone)
Then, story translation should be good property that the important for we must translate originator the correctly. Next, what is Meta-Cognition or (KWL)? It is evaluated to oneself: What is your know? , What you do not know? and What your learned? The past ( KM) or Know Management that we must manage learning by autonomous learners and self-directed learners. However, we should lead to the minimal pair. Finally, teacher give the homework by students must translate from Thai to English.
1.เวลาตัดสินอะไร คนเราอาจจะถูกผิดก็ได้

3.คุณอยู่ที่นี่นานเท่าไร (แค่ไหน)ก็ได้เท่าที่คุณอยากอยู่

Furthermore, I learn to out class about “Guide to English Phonetics symbol”


I think it’s the very important for English Teacher that must pronounce the correctly.
It is website the best for Guide to English Phonetics Symbol together with for example.
Phonetics symbol there are 3 types: Vowels, Diphthongs and Consonants. So, website perfect for English Teacher. In Addition, Its are introduction to IPA which it introduced about meaning of IPA, the usefulness of IPA in learning English pronunciation, the DJ (Daniel Jonesl )System used in OUP dictionaries, Long Vowel, Short Vowels and Diphthongs, how to
Pronounce(r), Syllabic consonants/l/ and /n/, the sound represented by Weak Vowels /i/ and /u/and Primary Stress and Secondary Stress.

Then, story “Meta-cognition: An Overview”

Meta - cognition refers to higher order thinking that involves active control over the thinking processes involved in learning. It is an important component of effective learning and learning for its together. So, it is good learning could appropriate for learn good behavior from the proper instruction.
Finally, I learn about "Helping or Auxiliary Verb"


Auxiliary Verb consists of : verb to be, Verb to do, Verb to have, can /could, may /might, will / would, shall/ should, must/ have to, need , dare, ought, used to.
I learned principles and using structure of Auxiliary: questions and short answers, affirmative form, and negative form the correctly.