วันจันทร์ที่ 20 ธันวาคม พ.ศ. 2553

Week 1 Date 12 November 2010

Today is the first day for learning in class about translation 2 by teacher Anirut . Teacher explains the content for studying content for studying four of element: noun, verb, structures in English and Thai, vocabulary and idiom. Then, teacher has sometimes made to order the learning log from e-portfolio. The students must my own blog about two week that has points 30 points. That depend on we will design. It is the important we must invite their friends which reflects my translation. In the content must English to make learning log as the original consists of vocabulary, phonetics symbol and meaning .If, we read from website give write refer to that can link into web. The blog will focus on the four skills so that learning consist of the first listening ,we might listen to America that what learning might be inviting friends to come into blog of oneself.Then, speaking sometimes we may be meeting with foreigners can post into blog. Next, writing teacher may be give text type call “genre” such as newspapers, magazines, short story, brochures, etc. The teacher may bring these articles to translate them. Finally, reading the students must learn outside the classroom that may be newspapers, textbook or internet etc. After, they bring to summary the story that their learning. In addition, in blog should put assessment why they choose blog. Then, Autonomous is emphasizing a learner that it is essential for evaluate progression and learn result of us. The important of English Teacher must four kind consist to teach the students.
Critical mind
encouraged give the students are thinking skills.
2. Creative mind have new idea which need to be in my heart as a teacher.
3. Product mind must produce assessment call “e-portfolio” that encourages give the students make to projects.
Responsible mind
Then, teacher teach about singular is abstract and feeling such as, ฝูงปลา (school) ฝูงคนหนาแน่น (crowded), ฝูงแมลง (swarm) etc. Determiner (a, an ,the) example: I like dog. ( ฉันชอบหมา )He drives a big car. (เขาขับรถยนต์คันใหญ่)
Next, teacher give the students help to translates from Thai to English.

Please,look after the house for me.
2.ฉันกินแซนวิซกับแอบเปิ้ลเป็นอาหารกลางวัน แซนวิชไม่ค่อยอร่อยเท่าไร แต่แอบเปิ้ลอร่อยดี

I have a sanwich and a apple for lunch. The sanwich is not delicious but, the apple is very nice.
Nid will borrow the books from the library.
Then, teacher give homework that it are five sentences.
Would you make a cup of coffee give for me, please.
She will be Chiang Mai by car or train together.
3.เขากะว่าจะพาฉันไปร้านอาหารดีๆ เพื่อฉลองวันเกิดฉัน แต่แล้วเราก็ลงเอยที่ร้านอาหารใกล้ๆที่ทำงานของเขานั้นแหละ
He is going to take me go at a good restaurant for to celebrate my birthday but, we are too by near his the offices agree.
He received money for you have sent to come already.
5.เมื่อทักษิณประสบอุบัติเหตุรถยนต์ เขาถูกนำส่งโรงพยาบาลทันที
When Taksin was an accident by car, suddenly he sent to at the hospital.

Furthermore, I learn to out class the firsr about Song : Out of Reach


I practiced listening and singing (Out of reach).I've learned strategies translate English into Thai. It is prime and connection the words in the English .In each sentence will be tenses such as: past simple, past prefect, future simple, If clause, the verb to express the feelings, etc. In addition, we’re able to see an example of the technical translation.
Than, I play the game” In the Living Room”. These games are great practice to learn the new vocabulary by we drag the objects into their correct place. Also, I can apply for teaching English.